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Since March 2006, the Angeles de Medellin Foundation has been a program helping poor and displaced children and families in Medellin, Colombia. In our office in the barrio of Regalo de Dios each day more than 75 children and adults visit the center to learn English and computers and have a safe environment to learn and discover new worlds. Also, the children play baseball, soccer and American football among other sports. Please view different videos on Facebook and Youtube.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Helping Displaced Children in Medellin, Colombia

Hello, my name is Mark Kaseman and I am from Fairport, New York. I have lived in Medellin, Colombia since May of 2005. Since March 2006, I have worked with the poor and displaced children and families that live high in the mountains above the city of Medellin. My program is called ANGELES DE MEDELLIN.

Thanks to donations from loving people around the world, I am able to purchase food, clothing, medicine and school supplies for children and their families. All donations go directly to helping these families. I work out of my home in Medellin and have no staff. A wonderful Colombian lady named Sara Zuluaga Parodi, has volunteered in helping me for various events especially with translations since June of 2009.

I volunteer teach at a private school, Leon XIII, located in the mountains where I work. Five days a week, Monday through Friday, I travel an hour and a half from my home to assist in teaching classes in English and Computers. In March of 2010, Allen Chen, a generous American from Los Angeles, California, donated 5 computer systems to our school. Because of his gift over 250 children, ages 5 – 17, have now begun learning to type and use computers. 98% of the children in my school Leon XIII had never touched a keyboard in their lives before this March.

Every day that I work in the mountains, I marvel at the love and kindness that these children and their families have given to me. For the past 5 years I have been blessed with hundreds of new-found friends. These lovely people are poor but happy, caring and loving, humble and appreciate everything that I am able to do for them. Many homes are made of plastic sheeting wrapped around wooden poles with dirt floors. They are all displaced from Colombia's 60 year civil war and civil violence in the city of Medellin itself. These families are innocent victims of gang violence and have had to flee their former homes or farms with just clothes and nothing else.

Because of the generosity of many “Angels,” I have been able to sponsor events and provide support thoughout the year. This past year, I purchased crutches for a 19-year-old girl named Viviana, who lives in abject poverty. She was born without one leg and is missing most of her fingers. Yet every day, she cooks and maintains her home for her 3 brothers while her mother works as a cleaning lady in the city. Viviana is my HERO! She smiles and is happy every time I see her. She is just one story of the many lives that I have been able to touch and make better because of friends learning about my program and helping me help her and her family.

Please give some thought to helping me bring smiles to more children and become an Angel of Medellin.

You can also follow my work on FACEBOOK – “Angeles de Medellin”

Thank you all for your time.

Hasta luego from Medellin, Colombia.

— Mark “Marcos” Kaseman

All COMMENTS are welcomed and feel free to email me at Marcos@Angelesdemedellin.com