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Since March 2006, the Angeles de Medellin Foundation has been a program helping poor and displaced children and families in Medellin, Colombia. In our office in the barrio of Regalo de Dios each day more than 75 children and adults visit the center to learn English and computers and have a safe environment to learn and discover new worlds. Also, the children play baseball, soccer and American football among other sports. Please view different videos on Facebook and Youtube.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Papa Noel makes a trip from the South Pole to South America - 6th Annual Christmas Party 2012

On December 21st to 22nd, yes two whole days, over 4000 children received toys, clothing, food and enjoyed a Christmas Day that they won't ever forget high up in the Andes mountains of Medellin, Colombia at the Angeles de Medellin program.  

Just some of the many supplies, toys, clothing 
receiving gifts from Father Christmas

We started the day with 250 families, who either had handicapped children in need or adults older than 65 years of age, giving them much needed supplies at this special time of year. 

For 2, 12 hour days, over 60 volunteers from 10 countries worked very hard and tirelessly to make the 6th Annual Angeles de Medellin Christmas party a success.  A big thank you to our volunteers without them and donations this would not be possible.

Volunteers gather for a group shot after another Christmas party success

And of course we cannot forget our special guest, Papa Noel, Father Christmas, Santa Antonio himself came in from the South Pole, to make this day a merry one. Ho Ho Ho!!!

Director Marcos and Papa Noel hold up banner reading
"The Children and Families Thank 'Angeles de Medellin', for the help to make 
this a wonderful Christmas. Feliz Navidad!"