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Since March 2006, the Angeles de Medellin Foundation has been a program helping poor and displaced children and families in Medellin, Colombia. In our office in the barrio of Regalo de Dios each day more than 75 children and adults visit the center to learn English and computers and have a safe environment to learn and discover new worlds. Also, the children play baseball, soccer and American football among other sports. Please view different videos on Facebook and Youtube.

Monday, February 9, 2015

A year to remember - read on to learn what happened during 2014 at Angeles de Medellin

What a year to remember for the foundation, here's a calendar in review of last year.

JANUARY - over 800 children received free notebook, pencils, pens, rulers, erasers, pencil sharpeners and back packs to start the new school year off successfully. 

JANUARY 14 - THE HAMBURGERS - 3 different volunteers came from Hamburg, Germany volunteering at the same time.  Christian, Nadine and Mariola and mixed in with Marcos Kaseman - which in German means CHEESEMAN and then we had the CHEESEBURGERS!

FEBRUARY - Harriet from England brought to the Foundation her talents of making puppets and the Angels loved making their own puppets.

Also, in MARCH the Colombian Mounted National Police visited the Foundation and gave a display of horsemanship, discipline and spoke with the children about the importance of getting an education. 

APRIL - for the first time over 100 children painted and colored easter eggs. Well, the smell wasn't very nice but the smiles and decorations were out of this world.

Also in April we signed a lease on our new education center which would be opened in June of 2014.  we were able to raise $6,000 to fund the new facility.

MAY - The angelitos played Bingo and were very happy winning over 75 different gifts and yelling out BINGO, BINGO and more BINGO.

Also, throughout the months of April, May and June the foundation welcomed many travelers that were on their way to the world cup in Brazil.  We had volunteers during this time from 6 continents and they brought gifts and stories from Ghana, Africa and the USA.

Volunteer - Rob Hurtubise from Toronta, Canada
JUNE 27, 2014 - THE GRAND OPENING OF THE NEW EDUCATION brought in over 800 people to view and celebrate a new beginning and future for children and adults to learn computers and English.  The real thanks goes to Rob Hurtubise from Toronto, Canada who was the international fundraiser and made it possible to expand the foundation.

JULY - the Angeles de Medellin foundation received a free booth at the world famous fashion show COLOMBIA MODA and we were able to receive lots of free publicity that enabled us to get on a local television program.

Also, in July we gave out over 400 paris of shoes to the most needy children. Truly a special day for all.

AUGUST we had the most volunteers in any one day ever that wasn't a special event.  28 volunteers showed up from 10 countries.  Truly a memorable and fun day for the angels.

September - through the generous donation of a Colombia shirt making company KAY BORA over 1,000 children received free t-shirts.

OCTOBER - the biggest and best Halloween party took place on October 25th with 1,400 angels being treated to the most incredible and scary haunted house in history. With screams, yelling and some crying they truly enjoyed the new haunted house and the scary volunteers that made it all possible.

NOVEMBER - the Colombian futbol player Oscar Murillo from the local and most popular futbol team NACIONAL gave a talk and demonstration to over 600 children in the local gymnasium.  

DECEMBER - the 8th annual Angeles de Medellin Christmas took place from December 20 till December 24th with over 6,000 people receiving food, gifts, clothing and blankets.  There are no words that can explain the happiness and joy that was brought to the families and especially to the little angelitos.

Overall in 2014 we had over 150 foreign volunteers from 26 countries and in excess of more than 200 Colombian volunteers coming from throughout Colombia's 9 major cities helping and providing support and love to the families in the mountains.

I want to thank all volunteers past and present for making this privately funded foundation such a success for the past 9 years, without your continued financial and loving support none of this can take place.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Marcos - Mark - Kaseman
Founder and Director
Angeles de Medellin Foundation